Content personalization

Content personalization is an on‑line marketing feature that can significantly increase the flexibility of your website. Personalization allows you to create pages that display different content depending on the circumstances in which they are viewed. For example, you can custom-build pages that offer special content for different types of visitors or dynamically change for each user according to the actions they performed on the website.

How is personalization applied

Personalization is applied through the basic components that form the content of pages, which includes:

Before you start personalizing content

Consider which data you want to use to personalize content. This is important to achieve effective and well-targeted content personalization. You can use the data provided by other on‑line marketing features, such as:

To start personalizing content

  1. Ask your administrator to enable content personalization
  2. Prepare the personas, groups, activities, scores and/or campaigns that you want to personalize your content with
  3. Personalize editor widgets
  4. Ask your administrator to help you personalize web parts and web part zones
  5. (Personas) Recommend pages to personas

Kentico EMS required

Features described on this page require the Kentico EMS license.