Sending links to unpublished pages

You can let users without direct access to Kentico view pages that have not been published on the live site. This is useful, for example, when you want someone from outside the system to review a page before it gets published.

Sending links to unpublished pages

  1. In the Pages application, click on the page that you want to send to the user.
  2. Switch to the Properties -> General tab.
  3. Click on the Show preview link. A new window with a preview of the page opens (similar to what you can see in Preview mode).
  4. Copy the address of the page from your browser's address bar.

You can now send the address to anyone without access to Kentico. For example, by copying the address into an email.

Preview links are also included in workflow notification emails. In this case, the preview URL is generated in the context of the user who performed the workflow action.

If you do not want the link to be functional anymore, use the Generate preview link () button next to the Show preview link. The system creates a new link and the previous one becomes obsolete.


By default, the system generates new preview URLs automatically for pages under workflow whenever the page's workflow cycle is restarted. That is when the page switches from the Published/Archived step to the Edit step.

You can disable this behavior in Settings -> Content -> Content management by enabling the Allow permanent preview links setting.

Viewing pages through the preview URL

On Portal Engine websites, pages viewed through the preview URL behave differently than standard live site pages:

  • An info panel at the top of the preview page shows the name of the user who generated the preview URL. For example, a page preview generated under the context of a user with the Global administrator privilege level shows web parts hidden to a user in the Editor role.
  • Links on the preview page leading to other parts of the website are intentionally disabled with the exception of links leading to other domains.