Viewing media files usage

Xperience allows you to find where individual media library files are used within the system's content. For example, we recommend checking for usages before you significantly update or delete a file.

Prerequisite – Search indexing

Media file usage is tracked using the system's Smart search functionality. If you encounter any problems with media file usage, ask your site's administrator to check that search indexing is enabled and working correctly.

To view the usage of a media file:

  1. Navigate to the Media libraries application.
  2. Edit () a media library.
  3. Select a media file on the Files tab.
  4. Switch to the Usage tab.

On the Usage tab, you can see a list of all locations where the currently selected media file is used. The locations cover object types that can include media library files in their content, such as pages, SKUs (products), marketing emails or custom tables.

Usage of a media file

Select the edit () action in the list of usages to navigate towards the part of the Xperience administration where you can edit the object containing the file. For Pages, the edit action directly navigates to the given page. For other object types, the action opens the application where you can manage these objects.

Undetected media file usage

The system only detects media file usage within objects stored in the Xperience database. Developers can also use media files directly in the website code via the API. Such usage is not displayed on the Usage tab.