Salesforce integration

The Salesforce integration currently allows you to replicate Kentico contacts into your Salesforce organization as leads.

The system replicates contacts to Salesforce leads based on score requirements, which you can adjust according to your specific needs. You can then work with the leads within Salesforce itself.

You can configure the replication in the Settings application in Integration -> To use the replication, you have to link the Kentico application with your Salesforce account.

Differences between contact management in Kentico and Salesforce

The following table briefly describes some of the differences between contacts in Kentico and leads in Salesforce.


Kentico contacts

Salesforce leads

Deleting contacts

Can be deleted

Only marked for deletion

Merging contacts

Can be merged, use the target's ID

Can be merged

Splitting contacts

Can be split, retrieve their original ID

Can't be split

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