Automatic content synchronization

You can set up the system to automatically synchronize changes from the staging environment to the target server, without waiting for approval from administrators.

Scheduling synchronization of document changes

To regularly synchronize document staging tasks, configure the Content synchronization scheduled task:

  1. Open the Scheduled tasks application.
  2. Select the Site whose documents you want to synchronize.
  3. Edit () the Content synchronization task.
  4. Select the Task enabled check box.
  5. Schedule the task (set the Period, Start time, Every, Between, Days properties).
  6. Click Save.

The scheduled task only synchronizes document changes. You cannot use the default Content synchronization task to synchronize changes of custom table data or objects.

Automatically synchronizing tasks using event handlers

Developers can leverage the API and event handlers to automatically synchronize any type of staging tasks according to custom requirements.

See Automatically synchronizing staging and integration tasks to learn more.