Smart search API

Database tables

Database tableDescription

Stores records representing smart search indexes.

CMS_SearchIndexSiteStores relationships between smart search indexes and sites. Each record indicates that an index is assigned to a site.
CMS_SearchIndexCultureStores relationships between smart search indexes and cultures (languages). Each entry indicates that an index includes documents in a given culture.
CMS_SearchTaskStores smart search indexing tasks.


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API classes

CMS_SearchIndex table API
SearchIndexInfoCMS.SearchRepresents individual search indexes.
SearchIndexInfoProviderProvides management functionality for search indexes.
CMS_SearchIndexSite table API
SearchIndexSiteInfoCMS.SearchRepresents relationships between search indexes and sites.
SearchIndexSiteInfoProviderProvides management functionality for site-index relationships.
CMS_SearchIndexCulture table API
SearchIndexCultureInfoCMS.SearchRepresents relationships between search indexes and cultures (languages).
SearchIndexCultureInfoProviderProvides management functionality for index-culture relationships.
CMS_SearchTask table API

Represents individual smart search indexing tasks.

SearchTaskInfoProviderProvides management functionality for indexing tasks.
Other classes
SearchHelperCMS.SearchProvides general smart search functionality and data.
SearchIndexSettingsInfoCMS.DataEngineRepresents the settings that define the index content.


Provides management functionality for SearchIndexSettingsInfo objects.
SearchParametersCMS.SearchStores the parameters of individual searches.