Custom table internals and API

Database tables

Custom tables uses the following database tables:

Database tableDescription
CMS_ClassCustom tables are stored as classes in the system database, this database table is used for storing information about classes.
CMS_ClassSiteThis table is used to assign classes (and therefore also custom tables) to particular sites in the system.
CMS_QueryContains records representing SQL queries for operations with data in custom tables, along with other queries used by the system.
CMS_TransformationContains records representing transformations for custom tables data, as well as other transformations used by the system.
CMS_AlternativeFormContains records representing alternative forms for particular custom tables, together with other alternative forms used by the system.
<prefix>_<table code name>Particular custom tables are stored as standard tables in the system database. You can distinguish them by giving them a descriptive prefix, while the customtable_ prefix is used by default.

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API classes

You can find all Custom table classes under the CMS.CustomTables namespace. See our API examples for code samples illustrating this functionality.

Custom Tables API
CustomTableItemRepresents one custom table object.
CustomTableItemProviderProvides management functionality for custom tables.