Integrating abuse reporting with other community features

Apart from dedicated web parts described in Abuse reporting web parts, the abuse reporting functionality is also embedded in the following web parts:

  • Blogs -> Comment view
  • Community -> Group forum list
  • Forums -> Forum group
  • Forums -> Forum (Single forum - General)
  • Forums -> Forum (Single forum - Tree layout)
  • Forums -> Forum (Single forum - Flat layout)

Each of these web parts has the Abuse report section in its properties. The section contains the following properties:

  • Who can report abuse - using this property, you can determine to whom the Report abuse link will be displayed and who will therefore be able to submit abuse reports; the following options are available:
    • All users - the link will be displayed to anyone who views a page with the web part.
    • Authenticated users - the link will be displayed only to authenticated users.
    • Authorized roles - the link will be displayed only to users who are members of the roles specified by the Authorized roles property.
    • Nobody - the link will not be displayed at all.
  • Authorized roles - if the Who can report abuse option is set to Authorized roles, you can use this property to specify the roles to whose members the abuse report link will be displayed.
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