Developing websites


An overview of the development process as we see it. What are page templates and what is the role of the content editors?

Development models (Portal engine, ASPX or MVC?)

Kentico offers several ways to build websites. If you are not sure which development model to follow, learn about their advantages and disadvantages.

Website data structure

Before you begin developing websites, familiarize yourself with the system's data structure. Learn how pages and files are organized, and about page types and custom tables.

Developing websites using the portal engine

Developing websites using ASPX page templates

Developing sites using ASP.NET MVC

Managing responsive images

Learn how to create and display image variants of page attachments on your site.

Loading and displaying data on websites

Learn how to display various types of data on your website's pages. Use components to load the required data and convert it into a viewable format using Transformations.

Troubleshooting websites

Designing websites using CSS

Preparing widgets

Development for mobile devices

Team development