Note: This guide describes Kentico CMS version 7. Unfortunately, we cannot support this guide from version 8 forward. Go to latest documentation

Welcome to the Kentico 7 Installer documentation!

What is the Kentico Installer?

The Kentico Installer (or in short just Installer) is our new tool for installing Kentico. It offers an easy installation for inexperienced users in just a few clicks and provides developers with a clear and compact installation interface.

The previous installation procedure

This tool replaces the previous four-step installation procedure (Setup, Web installer, Database setup and New site wizard) and also the Silent Install tool. If you are looking for the documentation of the installation procedure before the Kentico Installer (Kentico CMS 7.0 version before 5/2013), see the Kentico CMS 7 Developers Guide.

Where to start?

We strongly recommend to uninstall old Kentico program files before installing this new version:

  1. In Windows Start menu, type Add or remove programs and press Enter.
  2. Select Kentico CMS 7.0 in the Programs and Features list.
  3. Click Uninstall.

You can begin by installing Kentico for evaluation purposes using the Quick installation button.

Or you can check if your development server meets the recommended configuration and then:

  • Develop your website on a remote server or set up a production environment. You will find detailed procedures for this type of installation in the Deploying Kentico to a live server section.

How to get Kentico Installer if I do not have it yet?

You can read about the release of the new Installer in this blog post .

Where to get more information?

To learn how to develop websites, see the Tutorial.

To see complete Kentico CMS 7 documentation, open the Kentico CMS 7 Developers Guide.

You can also visit our portal for developers with blogs, forums, knowledge base and other documentation material at DevNet.

If you need advice on how to use Kentico CMS, feel free to write to The support team operates non-stop and will be happy to help you.


Download this documentation as PDF.

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